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About Us

‘Dilute the power’ started life as a brand designed to bring about awareness of the exploitation of the masses by the Illuminati and the New world order. The brand was originally trademarked ‘Rothschilds & Rockefellers’ which we hoped would help expose the elite banking families and their agenda for global domination.

It wasn’t long before the brand caught the eye of global investment firm RIT Capital which is owned in partnership by, you guessed it, Lord Jacob Rothschild & David Rockefeller.

Soon after we began receiving numerous threatening letters to stop all clothing production immediately. We spoke with our lawyers here in Australia and decided to change the name to avoid thousands of dollars in legal fees and the added pressure that had been placed on us by one of the planet’s largest controlling conglomerates.

Expose the Elite!

Since changing the name from ‘Rothschilds & Rockefellers’ to ‘Dilute the Power’ things have moved in a positive direction and word has spread through social media outlets and other forms of advertising and marketing like wildfire. Our clothing range is now available in several shops throughout Australia and online sales have given us the confidence to continue getting our message out across the world. As our brand gains support as a direct result of the energy it perpetuates, the impact of our message grows exponentially.

We suggest everyone do their own research into topics such as the ‘privately owned’ Federal Reserve, Chemtrails, Monsanto, Haarp & 911.

Share this information with family & friends and learn how to take back your own power. Check out www.thrivemovement.com for more helpful tips and the opportunity to meet other like minded individuals.

It’s time we all came together to make the world a safer, more compassionate and far less corrupt place, not just for the present, but for generations to come.

What better place than here?…What better time than now!

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